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    For Barren County's House Representative

    Vote on Tuesday, November 3, 2020

    Meet Tim Filback

    Tim Filback is not a politician. Tim Filback is a hard-working, blue-collar, father who is tired of politicians telling us that they are going to help us middle-class Kentuckians. Tim Filback's goal is to share and reflect your values in Frankfort while achieving measurable results. He is detail-oriented and focused on a program's effectiveness and outcomes, rather than just its intentions. Filback doesn't seek to assign blame but instead looking for collaborative solutions that build a brighter future for our families and our children.

    Tim Filback was born and raised in the south end of Louisville, Kentucky. Tim volunteered at the hospital that he lived near, and was in Air Force JROTC in high school. He graduated high school in 1995 and went to work at the factory his father worked for 30 years. Tim started out as an operator on the production floor in a union shop. Less than a year later the factory went non-union and Tim was able to learn and progress at his own pace. Tim quickly learned and helped train others in plastic injection molding and has moved his way up manufacturing to engineering specialist. Tim now trains his fellow Kentuckians a trade-in plastic injection molding.


    In addition to being a father, Tim Filback is also a Christian and baptized. He believes that we should be role models for our children, coworkers, and religious friends. Importantly, Filback believes that our state law should NOT affirm or promote any particular conception of the best way to live. Rather, you all, the citizenry of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, should have the freedom to live our own best life.

    Why are you running?

    Are you tired of politicians that rack up debt in our names, as Kentuckians? Tim Filback is


    Are you tired of corrupt politicians that only make sure their pension is funded? Tim Filback is


    Are you tired of politicians that trample on your freedom, liberty, and rights? Tim Filback is


    Do you feel like the folks in Frankfort give a damn about people in Barren County? Tim Filback doesn't think they care about us.


    Filback is running to defend our rights to defend ourselves with firearms and to give farmers the freedom to grow a new cash crop, cannabis. We need representatives that stand up for our firearm rights, codified by the 2nd Amendment, not representatives that infringe on our rights!

    • Our present Representative, a Republican, voted against Constitutional Carry and for more restrictions on the hemp industry.  That sounds like big government to me, and not Republican.
    • Frankfort still won't vote to decriminalize/legalize cannabis.  33 other states already have medical or recreational cannabis. With industry leaving Glasgow and tobacco sales down, our farmers need the freedom to grow new cash crop without over-regulation to bring money in and revitalize our county and state.
    • Both parties are looking at various ways to raise taxes like increasing the gas tax or taxing more types of gambling.
    • Neither party wants to decrease spending, either by cutting wasteful programs or making existing programs more efficient.
  • Issues


    Strongest defender of your firearm rights

    You have a right to defend you and your family with firearms. No more restrictions of your firearm rights by the state of Kentucky. No state registries. No waiting periods. No magazine limits. No gun confiscation orders that violate your due process rights like so called "red flag" laws that the Kentucky legislature will consider in 2020. The line in the sand is drawn when you vote for Filback.

    Medical Cannabis

    Families should live free from fear

    America is about freedom. That freedom should allow Barren County farmers to grow and sell Hemp and Cannabis, bringing cash into our community. We should follow the lessons of other states to safely and fully legalize hemp and cannabis for medical, industrial, and recreational purposes.

    No New Taxes

    Our Kentucky Government already collects more than $10,000,000,000 dollars in taxes. That's enough money to run government. We need to prioritize what matters most, encourage efficiency improvements, and cut waste. Our state government needs to figure out how to live within its means like we all do. I will vote against any new tax or increase in tax rate.


    A gas tax INCREASE will likely be voted for by Republican-controlled Congress in 2020. I will vote AGAINST any tax increase.

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